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Our Eco Policy

There are many ecological problems like global warming, extinction of animals, massive deforestation, pollution of air and water, damages of ozone layer. We believe that offering the right technological solutions and business processes for our clients and using such approach ourselves in our business we can reduce or even completely avoid negative ecological impacts.

1. Minimize Waste & Consume Less

One of the solutions to minimize waste is to consume less. We follow the policy of BYOD, when our team members can use their own devices at work. We minimze use of resources such as paper and plastic by avoiding use of access cards, making business cards electronic, and doing all the paper work electronically: documents, contracts, invoices, accounting and taxing, reports and communaction with official instituitons by using digital signatures instead of paper mails.

2. Minimize CO2

We minimize our negative impact by implementing the philosophy of distance working. Our team members do not need to commute every day. We avoid business trips and flights whenever possible and use video-conferencing and other tools to communicate with our business partners and clients. We also try to minimize CO2 by using eco-friendly services and providing optimal and fast & lightweight working solutions (therefore energy-efficient) for our clients.

3. Reusable Electronics

We try to increase the lifespan of electronics we use by repairing them and making upgrades to reduce electronic waste. If we need new equipment, first we try to find and buy a reconditioned, refurbished or used model. If our equipment can't be used anymore, then we try to sell it via classifieds or send to recycle as a last resort. We don't use non-rechargeable batteries in our devices.

4. Engage with Clients

We try to implement eco-friendly approach in all of our projects that we do for the clients. Whenever we see inefficient business process in the project or something that could perform better or reduce negative impact on nature, we point that out and try to offer a better solution to the client.

5. Efficient Hosting

Hosting and data-centers are one of the primary services we require in our business. We use and offer to our clients data-centers that use renewable energy sources, energy-efficient processors with low thermal design power to decrease the consumption of energy required for them to work and to cool down, minimize CO2 emissions, reduce the use of water in cooling systems, have a policy to upgrade or reuse of used electronics first, and recycle them as the last resort.

6. Eco-Friendly Partners

Whenever we use or offer for our clients third-party services, we select those that are eco-friendly. Such services may include email hosting, newsletter campaigns, SMS, web hosting and others to make the client's project as eco-friendly as possible.
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