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Smart T-shirt Arshin

Poster of project Smart T-shirt Arshin
Project category:
Mobile App · Healthcare
  • Date: 2019 - 2020
  • Country: Russia

Scope of work

  • Development of a mobile application (for iOS and Android) of the Arshin electronic posture corrector according to the provided terms of reference and color scheme.
  • Programming the application to communicate with the device (sensor) via Bluetooth LE.
  • Application testing.
  • Technical support.

Project description

The software and hardware complex consists of a convenient smart T-shirt that monitors the position of the shoulders and spine, and a mobile application through which the T-shirt is controlled. Smart T-shirt allows you to make the correct posture habitual and comfortable by strengthening the muscle corset and fixing the correct body position in the "muscle memory".

Unlike corsets and orthoses, fixing and corrective posture correctors, the smart t-shirt does not shape the figure. Putting on a smart T-shirt, a person gives the body the correct position in terms of posture and, through a mobile application, gives the command to remember it.

A person simply wears a smart t-shirt, if there is a deviation from the set position of the shoulders and spine, then the t-shirt will give a signal until the person assumes the previously set "correct" pose. Thus, it is the muscle groups that get used to maintaining the correct posture. Day after day, the wearer's muscles will remember the correct position of the back and shoulders, forming their own muscle frame. Not springs, shock absorbers and corsets, but a person's own body, thanks to muscle memory, will learn to maintain a healthy posture as something absolutely natural. The smart t-shirt comes in different colors and allows you to use the concealer discreetly, wear the t-shirt under casual clothes or with a business dress code.

Application description

  • Position tracking, sensitivity adjustable via mobile app.
  • Through the application, the T-shirt can be turned off or paused to interrupt the work of the posture corrector - no need to undress, take it off, hide it.
  • The mobile application allows you to set a wide range of deviations from the selected posture and how quickly the smart t-shirt will react.
  • The mobile application also contains a full description and instructions for use, shows the battery charge status and allows you to turn off the device.

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