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Service for Checking the Interaction of Drugs DDI-Explorer

Poster of project Service for Checking the Interaction of Drugs DDI-Explorer
Project category:
Web App · Healthcare
  • Date: 2017
  • Country: Jordan
  • Client: ShamItec

Scope of work

  • Developing the UI and the client app for the drug interaction testing service.
  • Technical support

About the project

The project consists of:

  • designed definition method drug-drug interactions for two or more drugs or finished products dosage forms
  • own drug database
  • a tool in the form of a website (web application) called DDI-Explorer, which implements the above method using this database

Project Tasks

  • Minimize preventable recipe errors that can cause an unexpected or adverse reaction to a drug;
  • compose rational and optimal drug dosage regimens.
  • Determination of all drug interactions for one drug substance (relevant in academic, educational and reference purposes) or for a set of medicines or ready-made dosage forms prescribed to patients (relevant for medical goals and objectives of health care, as well as in solving legal questions and implications).

Service Features

  • selection of one or more drugs from the list (database)
  • View documented drug interactions that are presented in dynamic interactive matrix format
  • search and display information on drug interactions obtained from 12 various internationally recognized drug databases
  • search for probable interactions expanded to drug interactions that are described corresponding therapeutic groups or classes, therefore, all kinds of drug-drug interactions are identified
  • provides information about induced effects, interactions associated with enzymes (kinetic interactions), and object (dynamic) interactions
  • The
  • method also recognizes prodrugs and/or active metabolites with common interactions other characteristics. Provides access to reports on interaction either for drug/prodrug or drug/active metabolite.

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